Top 5 Places in London to Learn Something New (and Grow Personally, Professionally and Spiritually)

5 places in London to learn something new

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” – Sarah Caldwell

Don’t you just love a long bank holiday weekend! Especially when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

However, no matter how long weekend or how lovely weather, as it comes to an end, many people start to feel anxious at the thought of returning to work.

I know you don’t necessarily hate your job, you’re bored and want to do something different, you’re just not quite sure what. You know you want to do something you enjoy and ideally you’d like to do something meaningful and that makes a difference.

Life feels mundane and you’d like to inject some excitement, energy and adventure.

Attending talks and workshops can be a great way to develop new skills, gain new personal insights and meet new people – all of which can lead to new opportunities, in both your career and life. They can also be fun, enjoyable and a welcome change from your normal routine.

Here are 5 places in London that offer talks, classes and workshops that can help you to grow personally, professionally and spiritually:

1. The School of Life |

“The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. They address such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand, and where necessary change, the world. The School of Life is a place to step back and think intelligently about central emotional concerns.”

I am yet to attend a workshop at The School of Life, however I’ve been to quite a few classes and I’ve loved every one. The classes are intimate and interactive. You are given plenty of activities throughout as well as many opportunities to interact with other participants. They also provide drinks and snacks at the break, which is nice.

For me, an added bonus is that it’s approximately a 3 minute walk away from the coolest little used and second-hand bookshop – SKOOB (Books spelt backwards!). So if you’re attending an evening class, arrive early and have muse around SKOOB beforehand. The School of Life also has a bookshop you can browse with nibbles before the class begins.

They have more than 30 classes and workshops happening in April alone so I’ll just mention a few here to give you an idea.

  • How To Be Confident
  • How To Be A Good Leader
  • How to Disagree
  • Being an Introvert at Work
  • How To Be Creative
  • How To Spend Time Alone
  • How To Balance Work With Life
  • How to Cope with Imperfection
  • Mindfulness One Day Workshop

2. City Lit |

“City Lit is Europe’s largest provider of short courses for adults. They offer more than 5,000 courses, walks and talks from art, astronomy and languages to health, music and web design plus many, many more – at times to suit everyone – daytime, evening and weekends.”

I haven’t attended a course at City Lit yet, mainly because there are so many to choose from! I’m definitely going to try something this year.

Quote - Live as if you were to die tomorrow

3. Alternatives |

“Alternatives is a not-for-profit organisation who hosts Monday talks  and weekend workshops in contemporary spirituality and personal development in Central London.”

I’ve been to many talks and a couple of workshops hosted by Alternatives and they’ve all been informative, enjoyable and extremely good value for money. Alternatives is a great place to meet like-minded people and they regularly host talks by some of the biggest names in the contemporary spirituality and personal development world.

Some of the events coming up in April include:

April 12: Barbara Wren: Shedding Light on Nutrition (workshop)

In this workshop Barbara Wren will explore the vital role nutrition plays in integrating the energy body and the physical body. Barbara will take you through what happens to a single cell when we have the right nutrition, and when we have the wrong nutrition and what you can do about it. You will learn how each cell is a microcosm of the macrocosm, and how it is up to you how much of the universal information you allow into your microcosm. This is a mind opening workshop covering the nutritional role that food, water and light plays in our body, and the influential factors that stress has on the body.  You will leave with an action plan that will revolutionize the way that you treat your body, and approach your nutrition.

April 18: PETER SAGE: Finding Your Purpose / Paying Your Mortgage (workshop)

How to balance your spiritual calling and your finances in a today’s world. Being Spiritual does not mean struggling financially, and becoming wealthy should never be a trade-off for disconnecting from your true sense of self. In this unique 4 hour workshop Enlightened Entrepreneur, Peter Sage, will guide you through a journey to reconcile both your passion and your cheque book.

April 20: ROBERT HOLDEN: Life Loves You (Talk)

Do we live in a friendly universe?  Is there a kindness to life’s design?  Is there a bigger plan for your life? Robert shares his experience of writing with Louise Hay their new book Life Loves You. The phrase, life loves you, is one of Louise Hay’s best-loved affirmations. It represents a philosophy – called Basic Trust by psychologists – that is the basis for genuine self-love, for spiritual healing, and real abundance. Basic trust states, life doesn’t just happen to you; it happens for you. It states that all manner of help and inspiration will rush to your side when you are true to yourself, follow your joy, and choose love over fear.

April 23: The Wild Women’s Club – Spring Clean your life – Cut the energy drains

A monthly space for women who want to live courageously, ‘dare greatly’, connect, explore and share what it means to be a woman today. We are all about celebrating life and recognising what is working well for us, and how we can make the most of what we have, while exploring how we can expand, grow and truly embody what it is to be a woman amongst all of the challenges and desires that life brings.

April 25 – 26: Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope: Reclaim Your Feminine Power – Level 1 and Level 2 (workshop)

There is one thing that every woman on a spiritual path needs to know: your spiritual practice is encoded in your body – it’s your menstrual cycle – and it’s time to awaken to it and reclaim your feminine power. In this workshop we introduce you to the basic inner map of your cycle and how to work with it as the number one feminine life tool for self-care, discovering your unique creative expression and becoming your full self.  Life will never feel the same again.

quote - learn a little about something

4. Interesting Talks London |

“Interesting Talks London hosts talks on topics such as hypnosis, NLP, business, persuasion, negotiation skills, self development and even magic. Events are always in Central London and after the talk there is chance to chat and network with all the attendees.”

I have attended a couple of Interesting Talks and they have been inspiring, motivating and enjoyable. The speakers have always been enthusiastic and encouraged participation from the audience.

Some of the events coming up in April include:

13th April: The 5 Steps to Success Living by Elliot Kay

Do you want to be more successful in life? If so then this talk is for you. Peak Performance Coach Elliot Kay is returning to Interesting Talks to share his 5’Cs of success that has transformed his life and those of his clients. Elliot has built his business to be 100K+ turn over in the last 18 months, How did it he do it? Well he puts it all down to the 5 C’ of success which he incorporates in all of his coaching trainings. Elliot will also share the 5 key obstacles along the way that prevent people from launching their businesses, succeeding or following their purpose in life.

14th April: Why People Fail and The Psychology of Success by James Bargeron

This talk will help you understand why people fail and what you can do to prevent this. How your current way of thinking may be affecting your performance and your results. Along with some humour and stories, here’s some of what James will be sharing:

  • How to turn defeats and setbacks into successes.
  • Understanding failure and success
  • The 3 questions you must ask yourself in order to achieve what you want
  • Controlling our thoughts and fears
  • The 6 Key elements to optimise your personal performance
  • The simple formula to changing your results

27th April: How to release your inner potential and be great! By David Saville 

Do you ever feel like you are living beneath your potential? Have you achieved a lot but it just doesn’t feel like enough? Do you wish you could have more impact in your life? If so, then this talk could be for you. David will be sharing the 5 paths to greatness that you can start taking immediately to change your life and results. It is not a spiritual journey that he will take you on, it is a glimpse into a real world, heart pumping, terrifying adventure that your life can become if you are willing to walk one or all 5 of the paths. During the talk there will be practical exercises to make the concepts come alive so you can get into action immediately to unleash the greatness that exists inside of you.

5. Evolve Wellness Centre |

“Evolve’s mission is to provide an excellent resource for well-being through yoga, holistic treatments and innovative workshops, courses and talks. Their vision is to create an environment that supports people to live healthy, balanced lives. A centre that nurtures the soul, strengthens the body and inspires the mind.”

I’ve only been to one workshop at Evolve but it was so powerful that I still use many of the strategies I learned in my life today. It was this workshop that helped me to start trusting myself and my intuitions. It’s a lovely little centre and the people are extremely friendly. It oozes peace and serenity. Again it’s a great place to meet like-minded people.

A few of the events they have happening in April include:

18th April:  clowning – the healing power of laughter

Clowning is best known as a slapstick art-form. however, there is a growing movement of clowning as a healing process based around playfulness. This clown course is not focused on performance, but on providing a safe space for you to discover your innocence, vulnerability, childlike-ness and silliness. in a very serious, uptight world, clowning could be the one thing to keep you sane. During this workshop you will:

  • explore a gentle, innocent way to play- with no pressure
  • relax the mind and learn to be in the present moment
  • discover the clown’s secret “ everything is ok”
  • have a lot of fun

25-26 april 2015: consciously connected – how to stay mindful in the digital age

The digital age is challenging us collectively and individually. With almost every industry in a process of disruption, we are experiencing more uncertainty than ever. In this new era, we constantly need to adapt to changing circumstances and leave our comfort zone to take bold risks.

Mindfulness can be an inner technology that helps us to better deal with the challenge of constant connectivity, information overload and rapid change. This workshop will explore different Mindfulness tools that can help us to stay present, resourceful and resilient in the digital age.

Participants will be guided through a series of Mindfulness practices, including introspective exercises, guided reflections, simple breathing practices and walking meditation. We will inquire into what interferes with our practice and you will walk away with your own individual tool kit to weave mindfulness into your daily life.

By participating in this weekend immersion you will learn how to:

  • adapt to changing circumstances and leave your comfort zone to take bold risks
  • consciously connect & disconnect with todays abundance of technology and media
  • stay  resourceful and resilient despite an increased sense of uncertainty and change

They also have a weekly Law of Attraction session on Tuesday evenings, as well as yoga workshops and special events each month.

quote - learning is the only thing the mind never regrets

If you plan to attend any of the events I’ve mentioned here, let me know as I may just see you there.

Enjoy and have fun!

Sharing is Caring

Do you have an event or organisation that is not on this list that you would recommend? Let us know know in the comments section below.

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