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5 Important Career Change Lessons from Barack Obama

'Barack Obama' photo (c) 2007, Llima Orosa - license:

Whether or not you have an interest in politics, I am sure you have heard the news that President Barack Obama has been elected for a second term, for “Four More Years!”. Personally I have a very minimal interest in politics and I never watch television in the morning, however I did tune in first thing on Wednesday morning to find out who had won. I tuned in just in time to hear Obama give his victory speech and as always his oration skills were second to none.

It started me thinking about leadership and what was required of Obama to successfully win a second term as President of the United States of America, particularly following a significantly tough first term. I then considered the key factors that contributed to his victory and how they could be used for a successful career change.


Obama became the first black president of a nation that only a few decades earlier, still had active racial segregation. As well as the challenges and opposition that came as a consequence of that, he also became president during one of the US’s worst economic times. Despite the criticism he received, in order to come back … Read more

Changing Seasons – 4 Quick Lessons Learned From An “Autumn Clean”

'Autumn' photo (c) 2010, Kaitlin - license:

Towards the end of this week I found myself feeling very frustrated. It’s a feeling I always get during the changing of the seasons, particularly the change from Summer to Autumn. I am very much a sun baby so the thought of dark, cold, wet days and nights is  a really depressing for me. Seeing the nights get darker earlier and earlier is a visual reminder that Autumn has arrived.

This time of year also frustrates me with regards to clothing and what to wear. It’s not quite cold enough to dig out the big chunky winter jumpers and coats, yet it’s not warm enough to continue with just a blazer and blouse, especially if you’re leaving home during the early hours before Mr Sun has come out to show his face.

By Friday I was feeling slightly down. I was thinking about the prospect of a shopping trip to spend money I am supposed to be saving for travelling on clothes for this awkward time of the year.

Coincidently earlier in the day I had been giving  a careers interview to a young person who wants to become a stylist and she told me that she regularly empties her … Read more