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How Nelson Mandela helped me to realise my purpose

I have to say, 2013 has truly been a year of reflection and personal growth. As you may know, about a quarter of the way through the year, I had lost inspiration for my business, specifically the services I was offering and the people I was offering my services to. I made the choice to take a few months out to reconnect with things that I knew inspired me. In this time, I also spent 10 days in Singapore and Bali. It was exactly what was needed. I reconnected with my creative side and felt inspired again. I was inspired about my business and life in general. I revised my services, became more specific about the people I wanted to help rebranded my book and websites and delivered a workshop.

The desire for a more purposeful life

In more recent months, I have been thinking more and more about the “bigger picture” and my greater “calling” in life – some would call it my life’s purpose I suppose. I had a conversation with 2 friends who are at similar stages in their coaching businesses to me and they too were having the same feeling. They too had been thinking more … Read more

5 Important Career Change Lessons from Barack Obama

'Barack Obama' photo (c) 2007, Llima Orosa - license:

Whether or not you have an interest in politics, I am sure you have heard the news that President Barack Obama has been elected for a second term, for “Four More Years!”. Personally I have a very minimal interest in politics and I never watch television in the morning, however I did tune in first thing on Wednesday morning to find out who had won. I tuned in just in time to hear Obama give his victory speech and as always his oration skills were second to none.

It started me thinking about leadership and what was required of Obama to successfully win a second term as President of the United States of America, particularly following a significantly tough first term. I then considered the key factors that contributed to his victory and how they could be used for a successful career change.


Obama became the first black president of a nation that only a few decades earlier, still had active racial segregation. As well as the challenges and opposition that came as a consequence of that, he also became president during one of the US’s worst economic times. Despite the criticism he received, in order to come back … Read more

Book Review of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

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This week I finished reading the book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

As with many of us, the author frequently felt herself yearning for something more in life and one day decided that the only way to change anything was for her to do something about it. The book journals her year long project to see if she could increase the level of happiness in her life.

I bought this book a few years ago and was initially inspired by idea of creating a project aimed at increasing my happiness. It was at a point when I was feeling disillusioned and at a cross road in my life. I was inspired by the book because it seemed as though the author had not made any major changes to her life and instead set out to increase her level of happiness with as little effort as possible. In the Amazon book description, it said that her project consisted of monthly resolutions such as get more sleep, quit nagging, start a blog and sing in the mornings. I thought these all sounded like really simple things that could be incorporated into every day life but that had the potential … Read more

Changing Seasons – 4 Quick Lessons Learned From An “Autumn Clean”

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Towards the end of this week I found myself feeling very frustrated. It’s a feeling I always get during the changing of the seasons, particularly the change from Summer to Autumn. I am very much a sun baby so the thought of dark, cold, wet days and nights is  a really depressing for me. Seeing the nights get darker earlier and earlier is a visual reminder that Autumn has arrived.

This time of year also frustrates me with regards to clothing and what to wear. It’s not quite cold enough to dig out the big chunky winter jumpers and coats, yet it’s not warm enough to continue with just a blazer and blouse, especially if you’re leaving home during the early hours before Mr Sun has come out to show his face.

By Friday I was feeling slightly down. I was thinking about the prospect of a shopping trip to spend money I am supposed to be saving for travelling on clothes for this awkward time of the year.

Coincidently earlier in the day I had been giving  a careers interview to a young person who wants to become a stylist and she told me that she regularly empties her … Read more

Life is about finding someone on the same page: 3 simple questions to ask yourself

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I recently saw a quote on a billboard advert for a film that said “Life is about finding someone on the same page.” I saw the billboard whilst on the underground and it immediately caught my eye.

I love how the universe works because after seeing that quote on Wednesday and pondering what it meant in my own life, on Sunday I attended an event hosted by an organisation called Living Big which reinforced the message in that quote.

There were about 60 people at the event gathered to find out more about an online portal Living Big are launching next month. All the attendees are involved in delivering personal development related services in some way. I met some really awesome people and bumped into some really cool people I already knew. Being at the event was a vivid reminder of the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded, inspiring, motivated people. One lady I spoke to really got me feeling really excited. She was only a couple of years older than me and had been working in careers in the public sector for approximately 10 years. When the new government came in and made their cuts, she was made … Read more

Flying Solo

Today is day 4 of my Tenerife Adventures. With the excitement of the Olympics over the weekend with the 3 gold medals in athletics for Team GB on Saturday, the  historic achievement of Andy Murray winning the men”s singles tennis gold medal and the anticipation of the men”s 100m final yesterday with Mr Bolt himself, I haven”t managed to get much work done.

So this morning I woke up feeling totally inspired by the achievements of all the athletes over the weekend and used that inspiration to write this week”s newsletter article. I then went for a walk along the beach and during my walk I start to really appreciate the freedom that I have. Freedom is something I have craved for as long as I can remember and almost everything I do in my life is geared towards achieving maximum freedom.

Whilst walking and thinking about this I was checking the status updates of friends on Twitter and Blackberry Messenger and there were a multitude of messages wishing Jamaica Happy 50th Independence. I started to consider what a momentous occasion today is for so many of my friends and family whose heritage is Jamaican and the significance casino polskaRead more