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Get A Career & Life You Love

Practical Tips for a Successful Career Change

Get A Career & Life You Love - Practical Tips for Career Change

Are you feeling fed up, trapped or unfulfilled in your current job?

Do you lack the time, money or experience to change anything?

Are you desperate to do something more meaningful?

If so, this book is for you.

With Get a Career & Life You Love you will:

  • Identify any limiting beliefs or obstacles preventing you from changing career.
  • Identify your values, skills, strengths, interests and working preferences.
  • Explore the career options available to you
  • Create an action plan and outline practical steps for your career change
  • Maintain a positive, motivated mindset to overcome any challenges you may encounter

Using a five-step programme, the book provides practical steps you can take to ensure your career change is as smooth as possible.

It contains more than sixty tips to help you successfully plan your career change, and ultimately create a career and life you love.

The book is available to purchase in paperback and e-book format via the Amazon links below.

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