Put Life Into Perspective and Appreciate Small Pleasures


“Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it.” ~ Karolina Kurkova

Over the past week, I have been reminded of three things:

1. In life,  sh*t happens but that it’s not what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you that makes a difference

2. More often than not, situations we generally view as disastrous, are normally not that serious

3. No matter how bad you think your current circumstances are, there is always someone somewhere going through something worse

Too often in life we feel as though life is happening to us and that we have no control. Sometimes you plan, organise and play your role and things still do not work out and instead of looking at what to do differently next time, we enter victim mode or alternatively rage mode.

Put life into perspective

On Saturday, I had my event Eat, Pamper, Love. It was a hugely successful morning and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. On the surface, all was well and it was a job well done. Just a week before however, I did not imagine that everything would work out so well.

A week before the event was due to happen, I was informed by the venue I had booked that it was being closed down the day before my event was due to take place. My initial response was disbelief which was followed by compassion as I learned that the staff at the venue were also being made redundant when the venue was closed.

I was advised to speak to the deputy chief executive at which point my mood turned to anger and frustration. In a nutshell I was told that I would need to look for an alternative venue. As I had 20 women booked for the event by this point I did not want cancel and therefore I was forced into looking for an alternative venue. I was furious that I had to spend a day doing something that I hadn’t planned through no fault of my own and I was annoyed with the attitude and lack of compassion from the deputy chief executive.

After 9 hours of calling and visiting possible replacement venues, I returned home feeling exhausted and still slightly annoyed. I then contacted Amanda, who was one of the ladies who was booked to deliver a workshop at Eat, Pamper, Love and her response put my day into perspective. She informed me that earlier that day her father suffered a massive heart attack and that unfortunately they were unable to resuscitate him and sadly he passed away.

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say but suddenly what I had considered the day from hell became totally insignificant and meaningless.

There I was stressing about securing an alternative venue and someone had just lost their father. What really struck me was that Amanda ended her email “Life’s a gift”. I was so moved that despite losing someone so close to her, she not only took the time to reply to me but that she was also able to send such a positive response.

What was even more remarkable was that she still came along to deliver the workshop on Saturday, just a week after her dad passed away and Saturday also happened to be his birthday. Amanda shared her story with all of the ladies present and she radiated love, optimism and happiness the entire time. Her generosity and outlook on life was so incredibly inspiring to me and all the ladies who attended the event.

Expect the unexpected

After the event I sent an email out to everyone that attended. Amanda sent me a lovely response and ended it by saying “Expect the unexpected”. Again her words resonated with me.

We live in a life of variables and although we can plan and organise, ultimately things happen that we have absolutely no control over.

What makes the difference is how we respond when the unexpected occurs. We can choose how we react and how significant we make situations and circumstances.

When faced with adversity, attitude and action make all the difference. If you have an optimistic attitude and you take positive action you are much more likely to overcome the challenges and obstacles that come your way. Additionally, when you have an attitude of gratitude,  resist the temptation to become a victim of circumstance and focus on everything you still have available to you, you are able to effectively respond to adversity rationally and with clarity.

As Amanda said, life is a gift and a gift that too many of us take for granted. We spend so much time stressing and reacting to the small annoyances, inconveniences and challenges but so little time appreciating and acknowledging all the small pleasures and fortunes we have. Together let’s make a conscious effort to spend more time and energy appreciating all the wonderful and amazing moments in life and letting go of the small frustrations.

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What are you grateful for this week?

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