Give Thanks!

The fact that you are reading this blog means you already have a lot to be thankful for. It means you woke up this morning and had a world of opportunities available to you. It means you have internet access, either at home, on your mobile phone, or even both! It means you almost certainly have a roof over your head, access to heat, hot water and hot food. That’s already more than 5 reasons that anyone reading this instantly has to be thankful for. Too often in life we focus on what we don’t have and forget about the small things that make a major difference to our quality of life.

So many people I come across on a daily basis are unhappy with their lives. To be honest, I even have days where I think, what’s the point and life sucks! So many people are striving to be rich, powerful and successful and we don’t realise how much wealth and power we already possess. If you take the time to actually look at your life and what you have you will be able to see this for yourself. Of course there are “big” things in life that we’d … Read more

A House Is Not A Home

Here is a talk I wrote for a housing organisation when I first started life coaching. I am now currently working with a housing trust to provide work placements for the young people supported by the trust and thought this is just as relevant today as it was almost two years ago when I originally wrote it.

The talk is discusses what I believe a home should provide and the role it plays in the development of young people.

There are 3 vital things a person needs to survive. They are food, water and shelter. A house represents the physical “shelter” that every person needs however, a home is the emotional “shelter” that is just as important to survival as the physical shelter a house provides.

A home is a place where a person feels safe, protected and loved. It is a place you go when you feel tired, sad, lonely or sick. It is a place where there are people to look after you and people you can look up to. It is a place you feel comfortable, where you can be yourself and where you are surrounded by things you like. Home is the one place you should … Read more