The Social Network – You Snooze You Lose

As you may have read in my previous blog, this week I went to the cinema to watch the film The Social Network. It was very good and not only did I learn a lot about the social media site I use several times a day, the film also highlighted a couple of lessons about achieving success.

The “founder” of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg took what was “allegedly” someone else’s idea and turned it into the most popular social networking site on the planet and consequently turned himself into the youngest ever billionaire! For me what this highlighted was that whether or not it was originally his idea, he took a concept, worked on it and DID NOT give up. So many people have ideas but do not do what it takes to make it past the conception phase. Some stop at the first hurdle, others stop after the first 100, 1000 or even 10,000 hurdles, whereas successful people do not stop until their dream becomes a reality and that is what Mark Zuckerberg did.

Based on the story told through the film, granted the way he went about things some may not agree with, however the point is that he … Read more

Change Is Inevitable

This week I went to the cinema with my mum to watch The Social Network, which in itself was strange because my mum is dead against Facebook and all other social networking sites/tools. This is probably due to the fact that my sixteen year old sister has spent probably the past 4 years or so totally hooked to MSN and Myspace, moving onto Facebook and now more recently Twitter and Blackberry Messenger and trying to get her to see the benefits of studying and face to face communication over socialising online with everyone and anyone on the planet has been challenging to say the least!

The interesting and surprising outcome of the evening was that once the film was over my mum was buzzing with allsorts of ideas which were all variations of or based on the concept of the same social networking sites/apps she was so dead against before the film started. She began to ask me all about Facebook and it’s functionality. For me, this was a perfect example of what happens to many of us, especially the older we get. We get used to and comfortable with what we know and over time we become reluctant to … Read more

Redundancy – Blessing or Curse?

Maybe there are rumours in your company of redundancy or you”ve been offered/applied for redundancy or you”ve already been made redundant, either way no doubt you will be experiencing a wealth of emotions right now. If you haven”t already read my previous blog about finances I suggest you do so before reading this one. The reason for this is that most people”s number one concern is finance and if you have not yet carried out an honest review of your finances you will not be able to objectively and honestly do this next stage as your sub-conscious will be frantically worrying about and calculating your finances.

After reviewing your finances, you should now have a clearer picture of how big a “risk” you are able to take or at least you are comfortable taking. Now you know this, you can now take a good look at where you”re at now.
Seeing redundancy as a blessing or curse is a matter of where you”re mind is at and your view of the world right now. Even if you”ve been sitting tight for years waiting for an offer of redundancy to come along, it can still be a very daunting prospect and … Read more

Public Sector Workers – Planning Your Finances For Redundancy

Most of you will have heard the confirmation that thousands of public sector workers are to lose their jobs as a result of the government spending reviews. This sure to arouse a variety of feelings among all public sector workers. Some of you may be feeling angry, others may be feeling scared and anxious while others may be feeling relieved. You may think I’ve lost the plot when I say some public sector workers will be feeling relieved, however you will be surprised at the number of people who have been sitting in a job they hate, feeling trapped waiting for someone to come along and offer them the redundancy key to freedom. Whatever you are feeling, your feelings are valid and a natural reaction and no matter how you feel about the recent announcement, there is nothing you can do to reverse the decision.

Life is constantly changing which means your life constantly change and whether you like it or not and whether or not you are ready, change will happen. In this particular situation, you have been given advanced warning as the potential changes that lie ahead in your future. The harsh reality is that you may lose … Read more

Something nice to share…

Someone sent this to me and I liked it so much I wanted to share it. I am not sure who wrote it so I apologise in advance for not crediting them. I did not write it, like I said it was sent to me and I wanted to share.
When i woke up this morning in bed, I asked myself  “What is life all about and what are some of the secrets of success in life?”

The answers are right there in your room:

The Fan said – Be cool. The Roof said – Aim high. The Window said – play casino online See the world. The Clock said – Every minute is precious. The Mirror said – Reflect before you act. The Calendar said – Be up to date. The Door said – Push hard for your goals. And don”t forget, the Carpet said – Kneel down and pray. Carry a Heart that never Hates. Carry a Smile that never Fades. Carry a Touch that never Hurts.

(Blog written on: 15th October 2010)… Read more

Forgive, Learn and Let Go

Forgive and forget? I say forgive, learn the lesson and let go. Many people believe that in order to forgive someone you must also forget what that person did. However it is basic human nature to remember which explains why it so difficult to forget when we feel someone has wronged us. This notion of “forgive and forget” is often what stops so many of us moving forward as we believe we cannot have one without the other and as it is so difficult as humans to forget we don’t forgive either.

When you don’t forgive someone for something, you are holding on to a number of negative emotions which are both mentally and physically damaging to your health such as anger, resentment and hatred. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes if you feel repeatedly wronged by someone and for some reason you find it near impossible to get that person out of your life, these feelings can actually help give you the strength and determination to eliminate that person from your life. However, what then happens for many of us is that once that person is out of our lives, we don’t eliminate the negative emotions and we feel that … Read more