The Best Things Come In Small Packages…

Being only 5ft tall (or short) and having a petite frame, I have always been an advocate of most things small and can be regularly heard saying “The best things come in SMALL packages” and “Every LITTLE helps”! However, it recently occured to me that I had not adopted this view when it came to my achievements and contributions. We live in a society where big is considered better and everything is large scale. 50″ televisions, multi-packs, Costco, etc. and often small things which are just as useful, if not more practical for our purpose are overlooked. I realised that although I probably wasn”t as guilty of this as a consumer but like I said, I was definitely guilty of this mindset when it came to my contributions and achievements. I often overlooked any of the small achievements as insignificant and sometimes not even considering them to be worthwhile. Additionally, I consider myself to be quite a giving person and I regular offer help, advice and support to friends, family, friends of friends as well as colleagues. Whenever someone comes to me with an issue or idea I”ll always be thinking, who do I know that can help. Until now … Read more

Tweet Tweet

In an attempt to increase my online presence for LL Coaching, I have started tweeting, blogging and making regular updates to my Facebook status. I must say I am quite enjoying it. Twitter is also good practice for perfecting that “elevator speech” as you are limited to 140 characters so you have no choice but to be concise.

I can see how it could become a distraction and possibly even an addiction which is why I have consciously limited the number of times a day I tweet and how many blogs I post a week. Social networking can be an extremely powerful way to market yourself or your business but that only works if you’re taking care of all the other aspects of your business. Think about the results you will get from social media and then dedicated the relative amount of time to it.

As well as business, social media can be a great way for an individual to let the world know what you do and what you have to offer. Remember however that anyone anywhere can read what you tweet or post and that when something is read, it makes that piece of text open to the … Read more

31 Million Pound Inspiration

Today I was speaking with a guy that worked at a well known educational institute. He told me that while he was working there, a couple donated £31 million!!! It took me a few minutes for me to digest the amount he had said. Firstly because that is a lot of money. Secondly because I donate money to a number of charities every month and normally people donate what they can comfortably spare to charity. This got me thinking that if they could comfortably afford to donate £31 million to anyone, then they must be sitting on a huge fortune! Then I found out how he made his fortune. It wasn’t rocket science. I mean it was very specific to a particular industry but it was something anyone could have thought of. That invention was patented and almost every person in the world uses this guy’s invention.

Recently I have had a large number of ideas floating around in my head, some better than others. What the conversation today has made me realise is not to filter my ideas and to treat each of them as viable as the next one until I have researched them. And that is the … Read more

The Joys of Self Employment

Sitting in a cafe, writing my blog and doing some work. If someone would have told me I’d be doing this 18 months ago I would never have believed them. However this is exactly what I am doing. This is all part of the joys of being self employed. Being self employed gives me the freedom to work where I want, when I want. Yes there are more risks associated with being self employed and in the start up stages and actually all the way through you have to work harder if you want your business to be successful, but having the freedom self employment gives you is like nothing you can ever experience as an employee. It is also extremely rewarding to know that the results you are getting are as a direct result of the work you have put in. This also acts as great feedback when the results you are getting are not so positive, it means you’re not doing enough or you need to do something slightly, or maybe even drastically different.

So if you’re in your in a job you hate or maybe a job you don’t mind but don’t feel valued or like the … Read more

Mind Your Own Business

Normally when someone tells you to “mind your own business” you attach negative connotations to it and interpret it as something negative. The fact is in order to be successful in life, recognise and develop your own talents and achieve your goals, you need to be fully focused on your own business and avoid becoming distracted by everyone else’s business.

Too often we are so involved in other people’s lives and judging what they should or shouldn’t be doing, we lose focus on our own lives and become miserable and sometimes even start playing the “blame” game or the the “green-eyed monster” game. The only way to achieve success in your life is to be clear about what it is you want, take total responsibility for everything that happens in your life and to mind your own business.

We have all heard that the new government is set to axe 600,000 jobs in the public sector and for the majority that keep their jobs, their pay will be frozen for the next 2 years. Now I am almost certain that many of those who will lose their jobs or have their pay frozen have hated their jobs for years and … Read more

Stop getting in your own way – Step out of your comfort zone

The past few weeks I have lacked motivation and felt frustrated as I have not been making much progress towards my goals. I tried a number of things to re-ignite my motivation to achieve my goals but everything I tried seemed to be short-lived.
However, the past 3 days, two things happened to re-ignite my motivation. The first was attending the One Hand Can’t Clap monthly forum on Saturday. Attending the forum always leaves me feeling inspired and starts me thinking about actions I need to take in my own life and listening to the speaker’s stories always inspires me. Listening to the speakers this Saturday made me realise the two main reasons for my lack of progress. Firstly, the past few weeks I have settled into my comfort zone. Secondly, I have some major distractions in my daily life.

In this blog I will talk about how settling into my comfort zone has restricted my progress in achieving my goals. I will talk about the affect of the distractions in a separate blog.

So, you may be asking, what is wrong with settling into your comfort zone? We all like to be comfortable don’t we? Well, that maybe true … Read more