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Being unhappy in your career, or any in your life for that matter, sucks! I know, I’ve been there.

Despite it only being one part of your life, it somehow seeps into other areas of your life making everything seem much more depressing than it actually is.

How would you like to be more in control of your emotions and feel happier more often, despite how you currently feel about your job or career?

Recently I read a quaint little book called The Sweetness of Life by Francoise Heritier. It’s a small but beautiful and inspiring book. It is a fantastic reminder of all the simple things in life that can bring immense pleasure and how easy it is for us to overlook those things, especially when we’re feeling fed up or demotivated.

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Basically every Sunday I will post a short piece on a sweet and simple pleasure in life, hopefully inspiring you to think about the simple pleasures still available to you, even when other areas of your life are not exactly as you would like them to be.

I will also be inviting you to tell me about simple pleasures you enjoy so I can share them here and then you too can inspire other women who may be feeling just like you about their job, career or some other area of their life.

“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls off a string.” ~ Unknown

In the book, the author asks this question:

“What about you, what would you miss most if this had to disappear from your life for ever?”

This is such a powerful question, which I’m inviting you to answer and share the answer to in the comments box below. What small pleasure would you miss most if it disappeared from your life forever?

One thing I would miss if it disappeared would be seeing a full moon. There is something extremely magical and calming about seeing a full moon in a clear night sky.

(Apparently, last night (15th April 2014) there was a “blood moon” lunar eclipse. If any of you witnessed it, let us know what it was like in the comments box below. Things like that truly fascinate me. )

Make a list of things that you can access or appreciate at any time that bring you pleasure. It could give you a sense of joy, peace, laughter, silence – whatever you consider to be a pleasure.


A few of the simple pleasures listed by the author that made me smile were:

  • Wild laughter
  • A siesta in the shade
  • Looking through photograph albums
  • Strolling along the streets and window gazing
  • Running in warm rain (to me this just screams “summer’s here”?)
  • Turning down the corner of a page even though that’s not the proper thing to do (as a book lover, this one really made me smile)

The list goes on and as you can see although extremely simple, they can be the source of enormous pleasure.

My aim is for you to build a toolkit of advice and tips that can support you through whatever career transition or challenging time you are currently experiencing. Creating this list will give you access to a strategy for positively changing your mood in an instant!

Over to You

I would love it if you would share a few of your simple pleasures with us. Simply comment below and let us know what adds sweetness to your life.

Until next time,

Be fearless, be authentic, be unapologetic! 


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2 Thoughts on “Change your mood instantly with one simple list

  1. Delia Davies on at said:

    What a good and important question to consider and answer-i.e what I would miss most of the time if this had to disappear from my life. I would miss bright flowers, trees, dogs, open lit fire on a cold day, lakes and cheesecake with cream. The list does go on. Only now I realise its worth me having a list of these ‘essentials’ as this would be a good reminder on how I can cheer myself up on a bad day. Have a good day. x

    • Leanne on at said:

      Cheesecake! Desserts would definitely be something I would miss! Having a list is incredibly valuable. Remember to have fun with it too. 🙂

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