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Believe in yourself and trust the process: A journey of self discovery and acceptance


Today is the final day of a 10 week marketing programme I have been on. I initially wanted to write a comment on our group Facebook page to share all that I have learnt during the course until it dawned on me just how much my life and my thinking has been transformed over the past 18 months.

At the start of the week I attended a talk by Nick Williams, founder of Inspired Entrepreneurs. The talk was entitled The Work You Were Born to Do. During the talk, Nick asked us what inspires us and what we really want to do. The following day I became clear that I wanted to make a positive difference to young people and their emotional well-being. As I have always worked with young people in some capacity (even mentoring in my corporate days), this made complete sense.

Discovering my purpose

I then started drafting a blog post about discovering your purpose, after which I saw two blog posts on the same subject written by ladies whose blogs I follow. I started to ask myself some of the questions they had asked and that I had also asked in my own blog post. … Read more

How to Feel More Confident Making a Decision


It’s bad enough that you’re dissatisfied in your job, career or another important area of your life, let alone having to deal with life forever changing the goal posts.

It’s hard enough to make a decision about what direction to go in next without life giving you three more options you hadn’t originally factored in.

If you’re anything like me, or like I used to be, you will find it difficult to make decisions. I used to be really bad. I remember when MP3 players first came out I spent months researching which one I wanted to get. I considered the pros and cons of every feature and every brand and even when I had finally narrowed down which one I wanted, it still took me another few months to actually commit to buying it.

What if I made the wrong decision? What if a better, more suitable MP3 player came on the market? What if it was too big? What if it didn’t hold all my albums?

Yes, this is a true story and worst still I used to be like this in so many other areas of my life. It was stressful and agonising at times, not only … Read more

The time has come for this Supernova to shine


I have reached a point in my life and my business where I feel a desperate urge to be more authentic, trust and be guided by my instincts and start manifesting all the amazing “stuff” I have created in my head!

In my post Turning Your Passion into Profit, I let you know about a workshop I attended which was led by Corinna Gordon-Barnes. I have since had a “clarity session” with her and I am signed onto her Passion to Profit online programme which starts next week.

Before attending that workshop, I shared with a friend how desperate I was for a structured programme and support group that would help me to take my business to the next level. I’ve known for a while WHAT I want to do and I’m extremely clear about the life I want to create, the bit I was hazy on was the HOW – which is common obstacle for most people.

So many reasons NOT to pursue the dream

Working in the personal development field, I’m completely aware that this is where most people get stuck. They have an idea/vision/goal/dream, and they are absolutely clear what it looks, feels, tastes, smells and … Read more