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30 Motivational Quotes by Women on Being Authentic

motivational quotes by women on being authentic

“I can be a better me than anyone can.” – Diana Ross

Over the past few months I’ve been participating in writing courses with Lisa Lister, GG Renee and Susannah Conway.

The focus of all the courses is to become a more authentic writer.

I’ve been aware for a long time that my writing does not accurately reflect my personality. My authentic voice has been stifled for a long time and I wanted a way to access it and sound more like me.

Finally I have begun to shed many of the layers that have been hiding my authentic voice and I’ve started experimenting with my writing.

I’m now writing on my personal blog, which I created in November but had only written 2 posts for.

Writing in my authentic voice makes me feel vulnerable and it’s scary. However, it’s something I have a deep urge to do.

I’ve been thinking about all the ways we limit ourselves and suppress who we truly are.

If you’re anything like me, you just want to be yourself, but struggle daily to meet the expectations and demands of the world around you.

So to kick-start June, I wanted to share … Read more

31 Awesome Quotes by Women on Celebrating Life

31 Awesome Quotes by Women on Celebrating Life

“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.” – Drew Barrymore

As both my birthday, and May Day are this week, I thought the theme for May’s motivational quotes should be about celebrating life.

It’s not always easy to look on the brighter side of life, with all your daily demands, challenges and responsibilities so here are 31 quotes to remind you to celebrate each day, no matter what else is going on.

1. “Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.” – Joanne Harris

2. “The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.” – Elbert Hubbard

3. “Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.  Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.  Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.  Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and … Read more

30 Positive Quotes by Women to Motivate Personal Change

30 Positive Quotes by Women to Motivate Personal Change

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” – Simone de Beauvoir

Spring is well and truly here.

The blossom from the trees makes every day feel like you’re at a wedding and the clocks going forward (in the UK) means brighter evenings. Awesome huh!

April not only marks the start of a new month, but also the end of the first quarter of 2015 and the beginning of quarter two. It’s also my birthday month! Most definitely my favourite month of the year!

So what better time to start making changes?

I’m making some change in my life and I am aware of how challenging personal change can be. Therefore to kick start this new period in 2015, I’m sharing 30 quotes to keep you motivated throughout April.

Although they haven’t begun as yet in London, this month is typically associated with the infamous April Showers, so hopefully these quotes should prevent the weather putting a dampener on your spirits and keep you moving forward with any changes you are making.

1. “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

2. “When in doubt, choose change.” – … Read more

Celebrating International Women’s Day: 8 Women Who Inspire Me

Celebrating International Women's Day: 8 Women Who Inspire Me

Today is International Women’s Day and if you’re on social media, no doubt you’ll see a constant flow of quotes by prominent women.

Personally, I am normally more inspired by every day women, than by most of the celebrities who are worshiped by the masses. Take the beloved Oprah, she is an inspiration to so many, but Oprah does not make me want to jump out of bed and take on life. She is so successful that I find it difficult to relate to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally admire and respect Oprah, her journey and what she has accomplished and she deserves all the recognition in the world, and then some, I just don’t see my story in hers.

With the power of the media, the growth of social media and the accessibility of the internet, many more women are looking to celebrities for inspiration. I think it is important however, not to overlook the every day people in your life who inspire you. I believe they deserve just as much, if not more, recognition as the globally known women.

So this International Women’s Day, I would like to acknowledge 8 every day women who inspire me.… Read more

31 Uplifting Quotes by Women to Inspire a Positive Start to Spring


“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.” – Lily Pulitzer

Spring is always associated with fresh starts and new beginnings.

It is a time synonymous with birth and creation.

I believe this is the most optimistic time of the year, even more so than the start of a new year. The days are brighter, the nights are longer and everywhere you look flowers are blooming and trees are blossoming.

Spring signifies hope and represents opportunity.

It offers a cleans slate and reminds us that no matter what has happened in the past, you get another chance. Another roll of the dice and another shot at your dreams and aspirations.

During the Autumn and Winter months I tend to hibernate. I hate the cold, damp weather, the dark mornings and all the layers of clothing I have to wear.

I find Spring liberating. It is a time when nature comes alive again and invites me to do the same.

Spring inspires me to shed my layers, pull back the curtains, get up, get out and grab life with both hands!

Here are 31 uplifting quotes to give you a Spring in your step this month:

1. “Life is either a daring Read more

28 Inspiring Quotes by Women to Encourage Self-Love


“Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.” – Shannon L. Alder

I love quotes and if I allowed myself to, I would easily spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram re-posting and sharing quotes. In fact I have several boards on Pinterest dedicated to quotes and my Instagram is a beautiful collage of the quotes that touch, move or inspire me in some way. 

No matter what mood I’m in, there is always a quote to match how I am feeling. Sometimes a quote cheers me up, other times a quote lets me know that I am not alone. A quote can also provide the motivation I need to keep going and overcome obstacles, give me faith when I am faced with life’s challenges and inspiration when I’m feeling lost or disillusioned.

As February is commonly regarded as the month of love, I thought it would be great to kick start it with a selection of inspiring quotes to encourage self-love.

Women often try to be all things to all people, and spend most of their time trying to … Read more