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3 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your Dormant Skills

3 simple ways to rediscover your dormant skills


When considering a career change one of the first things people think about is what skills they have (or don’t have).

Most people will think about their skills in the context of the job they currently do, perhaps the skills they used in a previous job and possibly skills used in a hobby.

Too often, people overlook skills they may have used years ago or that they only occasionally have the opportunity to use .

Taking the time to consider all of your skills will create more options for a career change.

Think about hobbies you have pursued in the past, activities you have been involved in, all of the jobs you have done – yes, even the paper round or first Saturday job you had. Additionally, consider tasks you do at home and in your everyday life.

Are you the person in your house that carries out all of the DIY jobs and gets to work on the flat-packs after a day trip to Ikea?

If so, it could be that you are a logical person who is able to follow instructions (seriously it’s a skill to follow those flat-pack instructions, and figure out which bits were not … Read more