Mind Your Own Business

Normally when someone tells you to “mind your own business” you attach negative connotations to it and interpret it as something negative. The fact is in order to be successful in life, recognise and develop your own talents and achieve your goals, you need to be fully focused on your own business and avoid becoming distracted by everyone else’s business.

Too often we are so involved in other people’s lives and judging what they should or shouldn’t be doing, we lose focus on our own lives and become miserable and sometimes even start playing the “blame” game or the the “green-eyed monster” game. The only way to achieve success in your life is to be clear about what it is you want, take total responsibility for everything that happens in your life and to mind your own business.

We have all heard that the new government is set to axe 600,000 jobs in the public sector and for the majority that keep their jobs, their pay will be frozen for the next 2 years. Now I am almost certain that many of those who will lose their jobs or have their pay frozen have hated their jobs for years and actually dream of the opportunity to do something new. However, many of these people will do nothing between now and the time they receive their P45 to change that and once they receive their P45 will start playing the “blame” game and will no doubt be heard saying things like “it’s so unfair”, “it’s all the governments fault”, “it’s my manager’s fault for not fighting hard enough to keep me” and so on.

On the other hand, I am also certain that there are many of you out there that have already been made redundant, or are at risk of being made redundant that see it as an opportunity and would like to take advantage of the opportunity that has come your way. At the same time, I am sure there are those of you who have remained in companies that have been downsized and would like to put in place a plan to ensure that when the company starts growing again, you are in pole position for a promotion into the new positions that will open up.

We are living in very uncertain times due to the global economic situation. This makes it even more important to mind your own business and take care of you. You can be sure that whatever company you work for, they will be doing just that, minding their own business and doing what is best for the company so it is vital you are prepared and have a plan in place based on what it is you want in life. Plan for all scenarios:

you get made redundant: Do you want to continue doing the same role? Do you want to stay in the same industry? Do you want to change careers completely? Do you want to become self-employed?

you keep your job: Are you happy in your job? Are you happy in that industry? Are you making the most of your skills and talents? Are you ready for a promotion? Do you want to change careers completely? Do you want to become self-employed?

Either way, it is important you assess your current situation and ask yourself what it is you really want to do. What are you passionate about? What are your talents? If money wasn’t an option what would you do/be/have? You do not have to wait to be made redundant to start doing what it is you really want to do. At the same time, being made redundant does have to mean the job centre and beans and toast for the foreseeable future if you have a plan and take action on that plan.

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