10 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

10 random things you may not know about me

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection lately, about all aspects of my life.

One area I’ve been thinking about is this blog. I feel like I’m quite closed and professional and I’d like to inject more of my personality.

For a long time, having the title Career and Life Coach has felt like a huge responsibility; as though I should have all the answers and always provide solutions for potential challenges you may be facing in life.

The thing is, I don’t have all answers. In fact, I’m not actually sure if I have any.

I do however, have my own personal life experiences, lessons I’ve learned and strategies that I use that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t.

So I thought it would be nice to share some random things about me that you may not know, which will hopefully give you a bit more insight into me and make me feel more like a real person, rather than a stranger hidden behind words and a laptop screen.

1. I hated university

I spent 3 years at university and have a degree in computing but I hated pretty much the entire experience.

I stayed at home and for the first 18 months I only attended the minimum number of classes that was required to pass the course.

Ironically, (considering what I do now) I had poor careers advice and was studying the wrong course.

I’m not a fan of Maths and I had never done computing before. I’m an arts and humanities person and should have/ wish I’d picked a course I would have enjoyed.

2. I feel shy and awkward around people I don’t know very well

One of the reasons I hated university.

I found it incredibly challenging to build relationships with new people.

I’m much better at this now, although deep down I still feel nervous and self-conscious when meeting people I don’t know.

From the outside looking in, you’d have no idea as I have a very bubbly social personality. But really I’m like a duck, socialising and looking comfortable on the surface, but underneath I feel stressed and can’t wait to retreat to a more familiar and comfortable environment.

3. I’m an Arsenal fan

I spent 7 seasons as a matchday steward at the Emirates stadium for home games so I could watch the matches for free.

It did come at a cost during the winter however – 6 hours of standing in British weather conditions!

It was worth it though. I have great memories and made lots of great friends.

4. I hate wet leaves

Random I know. I have no idea why. They make me feel uneasy.

There’s no rational reason like I had a negative experience as a child. I just find them unsettling and ewwy.

So I literally dread wet autumn days. Weirdly I quite like crunchy leaves, sometimes… I think it’s a lot to do with the texture.

5. I love colouring-in

Yes, I mean like what little kids do.

I own a couple of colouring books and for my most recent birthday, a friend bought me an adult colouring book. Exciting!

I like art but because I can be such a perfectionist, drawing can feel like torture at times.

Colouring-in however allows me to be creative without the pressure to be perfect.

I find it extremely therapeutic and often take my colouring books with me on holiday.

I used to be self-conscious about it, but now that bookshops have entire displays of adult colouring books, I’m not bothered as it’s clearly becoming more popular. Particularly as it’s being promoted as a tool to aid mindfulness.

adult colouring books

 6. I feel like a traitor for buying and loving my Kindle

I love books, I always have and for years I was against Kindles.

I thought they were the ultimate betrayal of physical books, I kinda still do… but in December I caved in a bought a Kindle.

On top of that, I convinced my friend and cousin to get one and they also love theirs. Oh the shame…

I’ve always been a multiple book reader; what I read depends on my mood. I like that a Kindle allows me to do that easily without having to carry multiple books around with me.

I also liked that I can highlight lines from a book and share them directly on social media (although I’ve not yet done this), as well as having access to what I’ve highlighted online which is useful when writing blog posts.

Despite the love I have for my Kindle, I’ll never turn my back on physical books.

Libraries and bookshops are some of my favourite places to be and I still buy at least one physical book a month.

7. I’m an ISFJ

I only found this out recently.

Well actually, that’s not strictly true.

I recently took a personality assessment test and the result was that I’m an ISFJ.

As I began to read the summary of what it is to be an ISFJ, it was as though someone finally got me. I made sense to me.

I’d done a similar personality assessment about 8 years ago and interestingly, I came out as a ESFJ. So it seems I’ve gone from being extrovert to introvert.

I’ve never felt I quite belonged to either camp so reading that an ISFJ is uncharacteristically social for an introvert finally made sense.

Despite being a life coach, I’ve always been skeptical of personality assessments but this was just too accurate and made a lot of areas of my life that had caused me conflict for years, finally make sense.

Now, going forward, if anyone questions my personality traits, I’ll simply forward my personality assessment results onto them.

8. Scented candles are my guilty pleasure

I love scented candles and always have one burning at home.

When I burn a candle and the scent fills my flat, it fills me with a ridiculous amount of joy. Oh the simple pleasures in life.

So I get extremely annoyed when I buy a candle that is supposedly scented yet I smell nothing when it’s burning.

A few years ago, I attended a candle making workshop which was great fun and I even made some to give away as Christmas gifts.

I haven’t made any recently as I haven’t found the time but I have a crate load of empty candle jars just waiting to be filled with wicks and wax.

9. I hate wearing heels

I like to be comfortable and I’ve never worn a comfortable pair of heels yet.

As I’m only 5ft, I will wear them for special occasions other than that, you’ll find me in flats, specifically trainers whenever possible.

As I look much younger than I am, I’ve spent years trying to get comfortable wearing heels in a bid to look a few years older.

I’ve finally accepted, heels are not something I’d ever choose to wear, and I’m OK with that. I don’t subscribe to the “beauty is pain” ethos.

10. I’d rather buy stationary (or candles) than shoes or bags

It’s a common stereotype that women spend all their money, and money they don’t have on shoes and bags.

I prefer to buy a beautiful notebook.

There’s something special about opening a new notebook and putting ink on that first fresh page.

Paperchase is one of my favourite shops and when they have a sale, I’m like a kid in a candy shop.

paperchase goodies

There you have it, 10 random things you didn’t know about me.

Sharing is Caring

Do we have anything in common?

Do you have any guilty pleasures that you’re not too embarrassed to share?

Oh, and if you want to do the personality test, head over to It’s free and doesn’t take that long to do. Let me know what you come out as.

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  1. Janet on at said:

    So much fun reading this, I really enjoyed getting to know you better…. thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Claire on at said:

    One thing you should know about me – I’m a Villa fan (but we can still be friends ;-))

  3. It’s always lovely to get to know the person behind the blog, this was a refreshing read. I can relate to feeling awkward around new people and being a lover of stationery – one can never have enough notebooks! Haha 🙂

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